FAIRfest '15 Redux

FAIRfest '15 Redux -- 50 Acts on 3 Stages Over 3 Days: What Are You, Crazy? No, We're Fairfield!

Fairfield Weekly Reader | June 25 by James Moore

Recapping the highlights of this past weekend's 3rd annual FAIRfest is a Herculean task. Why? Because there were so many great moments with 50 acts performing on 3 stages across 3 days. Iowa Public Radio featured FAIRfest on a segment of "Talk of Iowa" and the Des Moines Register juxtaposed the Mumford and Sons' Gentlemen of the Road concert in Waverly vs FAIRfest in a point by point comparison!

Schedule updates for Sunday!

Main Stage

As Scheduled


2:45 Flash in the Pan


4:30 Matt Cox
Closing FAIRfest '15 with Keelan Dimick, right after Greg Brown


4 p.m. Ian Moore---Main Festival Stage
5 p.m. Christopher the Conquered –Briggs Slab Stage
6 p.m. Cyril Neville and the Royal Southern Brotherhood—Main Festival Stage
8 p.m. Sam Llanas—FACC Pavilion (inside)
8 p.m. Shook Twins –FACC Sondheim Theater
9:30 p.m. Keelan Dimick---FACC Sondheim
9:30 p.m. Jefferson County Green Band --Pavilion
Beverage garden moved inside open from 5 to close

FAIRfest '15 is underway!

Kicked off FAIRfest '15 with a evening of great music and great people. Thanks everyone who came out, thanks to all the bands that traveled here (including the bands FROM here!) and a very special thanks to all the volunteers working to make it all happen.

Gentlemen of the Road vs. FAIRfest

by Joe Lawler, joe@dmJuice.com , desmoinesregister.com

This weekend there are two big music festivals in small Iowa towns. Fairfield in southeast Iowa hosts the third annual Fairfest, while Waverly will be home to Mumford & Sons' Gentlemen of the Road Stopover.

Here's how the two match up.


FAIRfest on Iowa Public Radio's "Talk of Iowa" Thursday 10:40am

Des Moines Register entertainment editor Joe Lawler has called 2015 the best festival season in Iowa history. Iowa Public Radio's Charity Nebbe, host of "Talk of Iowa", talks with the organizers of two major festivals, "The Gentlemen of the Road" tour in Waverly and FAIRfest in Fairfield.

In Honor of a Great Soul

Dear Campbell, Just wanted to say on behalf of all your FAIRfest brothers and sisters, we miss you and your take no prisoners, laser beam, no nonsense, jump in and git 'er done, professional expertise and Scottish joie de vivre. Interesting to note that the Iowa State Senate passed legislation recently to legalize medical marijuana but the House blocked it from moving forward even though 87% of the state favors legalizing it. Hopefully, the law will change very soon so no one else falls through unnecessary cracks. Hope you're having fun getting people on and off the stage and tweaking the lights Upstairs. Amen.

Elephant Revival Headline FAIRfest '15 Friday

IOWA SOURCE | May 2015 | Boulder County-based band Elephant Revival (ER), scheduled to play at FAIRfest in Fairfield June 19, embraces the motto “where words fail, music speaks.” Formed in 2006, Elephant Revival seeks to inspire the human spirit through song and dance collaborations with musical tapestries influenced by Celtic, Americana, folk, and jazz styles. Delightfully, they have close friendships with Portland-based Shook Twins (reviewed in March 2015), who will also participate in this year’s FAIRfest.

FAIRfest '15 After-Hours Events & Venues

As if three free days of world-class national, regional and local musical acts weren't enough, FAIRfest organizers are pleased to announce another fabulous “After Hours” series this year following the main stage performances on Friday, June 19 and Saturday, June 20. All without cover charge, in the FAIRfest open community tradition.

First Volunteer Call for FAIRfest ‘15

FAIRfest organizers are calling for individual and group volunteers to meet at 7 p.m. Thursday to hear about the various volunteer opportunities for FAIRfest ’15, the three-day summer music festival that will be held in and around the Arts and Convention Center June 19-21.

Volunteer coordinator Erika Richards said the first of two volunteer meetings will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 30, at the Arts and Convention Center. The second organizational meeting of volunteers will be held May 28, also at 7 p.m. and also at the center.